Hipomed is formed back in 2004, where right from the start the goal of the company was the supply medical equipment and supplies all over the territory of Macedonia. Our vision is adjusting to the needs of the private healthcare facilities and hospitals as well as offering quick and professional support. Even though we were only forming the structure of the company in 2008, we managed to conduct few important projects, such as supplying private healthcare facilities with professional colposcopes.

We offer our clients professional technical solutions and full support for the entire time, while we collaborate and resupply their facilities. Transparency and mutual trust is what we aim for, building it across various platforms while using constant communication, professionalism and technology as our tools of the trade.
Our goal for the future is to organize courses, workshops, forums and symposiums in order to improve quality of informing, knowledge and exchanging experience between workers, while Hipomed will have the roll of supporting and co-organizing these events.