Equipment for supplying medical gas is an important and expanding part of the GCE Group’s activities. With exceptionally high safety, precision and hygiene requirements, medical-gas applications comprise an area demanding specialized knowledge and experience as well as a full understanding of respiratory and aspiration requirements and patient care. Compliance with quality standards according to Medical Directive 93/42/EEG in Europe and QSR (Quality System Regulations, also known as GMP standards) in the United States is not only a regulatory obligation, but it is also a means of ensuring that our customers receive the high-quality and safe products they deserve.

Western Europe is the traditional market for a whole range of products for all different types of customers and, together with the growing Eastern European market, comprises GCE’s main sales area. Our sales force is also active in a number of other markets, including North and South America, North Africa and the Middle East, and is continuing to branch out to other parts of the world, such as China and India, among others. As a result, our products are designed according to the requirements of all European standards as well as those of other regions where they will be used.

Gas companies account for the greatest part of sales. Nevertheless, in each market various distributors, healthcare providers, hospitals and other manufacturers of medical devices play a significant role in the distribution of GCE-branded and CE-marked products.

GCE supplies complete systems for supplying oxygen, nitrous oxide, and vacuum gas and other gases to hospitals, ambulance-service providers, emergency services and home-care providers, as well as other special services using this equipment.

GCE is the European market leader in the medical pressure-regulator segment. GCE’s strength in this area lies in its pioneering development of combination valves and regulators for oxygen and other gas mixtures used in therapeutic applications. Advanced gas savers, oxygen concentrators and ancillary equipment complement these products.

In addition, GCE offers a comprehensive range of ward equipment and accessories, such as vacuum regulators, suction jars, flow meters, flow selectors, humidifiers, flexible hoses and gas outlets. The company supplies mobile oxygen systems including manifolds for ambulances, ventilators and related equipment for the emergency-services market.